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Pizza in Bombs and Blackouts



The Best Food in the Worst Situation

Pizza for Ukraine's mission is to Make Pizza, Not War. Pizza is made and delivered to Ukrainians affected by the trauma of war. Whether they are displaced, orphaned, wounded, responding to emergencies, or fighting for freedom, hope is provided one pizza at a time.

Corey Watson

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Pizza with Purpose

Culture is the first victim in a war. In the scramble to survive, it becomes a luxury few can afford. Giving culture back is an act of healing, and Ukrainian food traditions are entrenched in culture. Fresh, local, simple, handmade food that is regional and generational. Pizza for Ukraine honors these traditions by making Neapolitan pizza for Ukrainians with the respect and care that they expect from their own homeland's cuisine.

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Pizza for Ukraine is a 501(c)3 charity that delivers pizza and hope to Ukrainians in need. Only your donations make this possible. Help us Make Pizza, Not War.
Slava Ukraini!

Ukrainian Girl with Pizza

Corey Watson

The Team

Founder and Chief Pizzaiolo

”Originally from Portland, Oregon, I studied Political Science and Democracy Promotion. After a career in IT, I trained as a pizzaiolo in Naples, Italy. When the full-scale invasion began, I volunteered for World Central Kitchen in Poland. Then moved to Ukraine indefinitely to start Pizza for Ukraine. Experiencing the war and working with Ukrainians has given me a profound focus. I feel a great appreciation for what Ukrainians are fighting for, and the honor to help them.”
~ Corey Watson

Corey Watson

The Team


“Coming from Kyiv, I have been cooking Neapolitan pizza here since 2014. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, I have been preparing bread and pastries for the Ukrainian military and others in need. Pizza for Ukraine is a great mission to provide the most delicious of emotions to anyone who wishes it, around the regions of my home city. Together, on the shoulders of this organization, I know we will win. Slava Ukraini!”
~ Igor Savosin

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